*NOTE* You will need to have Photoshop for this action


Revolutionize your design process with our Photoshop action - 'White Spot Color Underbase.' This powerful action transforms your creative workflow by effortlessly generating spot color for white underbase, ensuring impeccable print results. Elevate your designs with precision and efficiency, making every project a masterpiece. Whether you're a seasoned designer or just starting, this action is your key to achieving professional and vibrant prints with ease.

This action does the following:

-Converts current media to CMYK

-Flattens the layers if there are multiple images

-Makes the Selection

-Sets up a contact on -2 pixels but can be changed when the prompt comes up.

-Makes W1 Spot color in red(This does not affect the colors)

You will need to install the action first before use. When using this action, make sure your canvas is setup. After it is done you must save as a .tiff. If you see any pops ups that says missing or missing function, just continue.



*No Giving out or Reselling this action*

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